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The Great Impasta Lands End Gifts   Lands End Gift
  42 Maine Street Brunswick Maine 207-729-5858 Fax 729-8576

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Winner's Sport Grill and OTB Lands End Gifts   Lands End Gift

WINNER'S has  moved and has reopened. The new location is at 20 Farley Rd, Brunswick Maine.Please checkout the new website for more info or call 207-725-8801.

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Captain Mike's Lands End Gifts   Lands End Gift

Phone: 207-729-4951

There's a story, so I'm told, my friend,
of the legend of Captain Mike.
He ran aground in Brunswick Town
on a cold and stormy night.
Mike was not a man compromised he said,
he said just what he meant.
So he opened a restaurant and made his rules and said
"They'll not be bent!"
The restaurant's name is Captain Mike's.
It's there for all to see.
Mike only accepts the freshest fish that ever swam the sea.
He cooks and seasons everything and serves it to perfection.
Lobsters, clams, and scallops too, a bountiful selection.
So when you're looking for the freshest seafood
that Maine can offer, my friend,
come down to Brunswick Town
and join the growing trend.
Affordable fresh seafood cooked up just the way you like.
And if you're lucky, you just might get a glimpse
of good ol'Captain Mike.
(Har, Har, Har)

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Pedro O'Hara's Lands End Gifts   Lands End Gift

Phone: 207-373-1300

Pedro O'Hara was born in Tabasco, Mexico, the son of a noted Irish chef, who, during the Great Irish Potato famine of 1847, immigrated to Mexico to escape the lack of fresh ingredients for his now famous stews and entrees. During his search for more fertile ground, Pedro's Papa settled into the lovely seaside village of Tabasco, where he fell madly in love with the beautiful daughter of a wealthy Jalapenó farmer. With a steady supply of fresh ingredients and a ready supply of Agavé for his Tequila cravings, Pedro's Papa combined the best of his favorite homeland recipes with those of his new found home to create the wonderfully tantalizing selections that we have on the menu for you today. Pedro's Papa was Knighted for his culinary prowess, and the family tradition continues to this day. Begon & Begorah, Olé & Bon Apetit!

Life's Short, Eat well!

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Joshua's Restaurant & Tavern Lands End Gifts   Lands End Gift

Restaurant Phone: 207-725-7981-----Tavern Phone: 207-729-7987


Established 1990

Serving Lunch And Dinner

"Brunswick's Favorite Dining Establishment, Overlooking Maine Street!"

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Gurnet Trading Company Lands End Gifts   Lands End Gift

Gurnet Trading Co. has been in the wholesale business shipping lobsters and clams across the country for 14 years. We buy and sell fresh Casco Bay seafood from local fishermen. Some of the items we carry; Lobsters, Clams (Local Steamers), Crabs, Cherrystones, Casco Bay Scallops, Gulf of Maine Haddock, Fresh Picked Crabmeat, Halibut, Fresh Tuna (seasonal), Bacon Wrapped Scallops, Sweet Maine Shrimp (seasonal), Fresh Cooked Crabclaws.

602 Gunnet Road (RT24) Brunswick, ME 3 Miles South Of Cook's Corner.  On the Right. (207) 729-7300

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Trattoria Athena Lands End Gifts   Lands End Gift

Casual restaurant specializing in Italian and Greek cuisine using high-quality, locally sourced ingredients.

25 Mill Street
Brunswick, ME 04011

Tues - Thurs:
11:00 am - 9:00 pm
Fri - Sat:
11:00 am - 10:00 pm
9:00 am - 6:00 pm

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Sea Dog Brewing Company Lands End Gifts   Lands End Gift
  Phone: 207-725-0162 The Sea Dog in Topsham occupies a scenic spot on the Androscoggin River. The Bangor location overlooks the historic Penobscot River. Both locations serve a full menu of handcrafted ales and creative pub fare with a flair

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The Brunswick Farmers Market Lands End Gifts   Lands End Gift

On The Mall, Maine Street


Tuesday and Friday

8:00 A. M. - 3:00 P. M.


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111 Maine, Cafe | Catering Lands End Gifts   Lands End Gift
  Phone: 207-729-9111 COME IN, WARM UP

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Amato's `It's Real Italian' Lands End Gifts   Lands End Gift
  Phone: 207-286-2934 For 105 years Amato's has served real food to real people, like you. We are proud of our heritage and history. We believe in quality and service and we work hard to deliver only the best tasting and freshest meals daily. Whether it's a quick lunch on the go or dinner with the family, you can count on Amato's.

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